We provide immigration in all over country and universities.

We provide immigration in all over country and universities.

We provide immigration in all over country and universities.

We provide immigration in all over country and universities.

We provide immigration in all over country and universities.

ATTENTION= Canada Immigration Agents don’t hand out PR visa nor TRVs!

We are certain you will hear otherwise from the persuasive, unlicensed and sale thirsty Canada immigration consultants around us on daily basis.


ICCRC is a Canadian regulatory body that governs the RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants) professionals. It is important that you make sure that the RCIC signs your representative form while your profile is being submitted. Also reach out to the RCIC via a call or text to check their affiliation with the Immigration Visa Consultants who are using their credentials.

Firstly, you don’t need to hire an immigration advisor for your immigration application filing purposes if you can do it by yourself.

LASTLY, we mean BUSINESS, i.e. legitimate service for a legal fee. No hidden costs, No conditions apply. No middlemen, No sales strategies, No discounts, No persuasive consultation, purely POINT BLANK HONEST CONSULTATION & a “ONE POINT CONTACT”.


It is vital that on your path to your dream, you get professional assistance from experienced Govt. approved representatives from the country you choose to settle down in. Our team of regulated and licensed Immigration consultants, agents and lawyers (ICCRC, MARA & IAA) will represent you and work on your application. With Novus Immigration Services you have a ‘One point contact – either with our lawyers or our ICCRC / MARA regulated consultants’.

It is a common practice we have observed which is followed by all the so called “best immigration consultants in Telangana” to have multiple designataries called case managers, immigration officers, documentation team, sales team etc to do multiple aspects of a clients case. In reality, ideally your case should be handled by just one regulated professional who would assist you with the entire process. Stay informed, know your rights.


Immigration procedures can be confusing and mind boggling especially while choosing the best route for yourself. We will simplify it for you. 15 quality minutes of FREE consultation with our highly experienced and the best immigration consultants in Bangalore will leave you with no doubts as to whether you stand a chance or not. Immigration to Canada or Australia is a choice you make. We will arm you with a clear vision and plan of action. So you exactly know what your first step and subsequent action needs to be, in order to make your Canadian Immigration dream come true.

Yes! you have taken the most important decision of your life. Now leave it to us to choose the best route for you to your dream destination and to make the process easier, faster, more efficient. The best Immigration advice is that which is absolutely result oriented. We will show you how.


You need to know for a fact that the service that you are receiving from an immigration agency is a long term commitment from their end to assist and support you through the entire process for a year or two. Most of you sign up with the consultancies blindly trusting them. The representative who is talking to you is a sales consultant trying to sell you hopes, do not forget the fact that if you achieve your immigration goal, it is due to the fact that your profile merits the same. Immigration agencies are conduits who facilitate the entire process. Hence ask the right questions when you talk to any immigration consultants in Bangalore or located elsewhere.

We ensure to train our consultants about every aspect, making it necessary for clients to have a clarity on what their prospects could be and what they should be aware of in terms of other pathways to obtain their prima facie goal.


It is hard to ignore the fact that every Immigration consultant in India claims to be the best in their city. The only reason why these immigration agencies are thriving is because the Canadian & Australian Federal regulatory bodies jurisdiction is confined to their territories and hence cannot penalize the rampant unauthorized practice of Immigration consultancy in India. We decided to start one of our branches in Bangalore after doing a thorough study of the so called “Immigration consultants in Bangalore for Canada”.

Our vision is to gradually educate the Indian consumers not to fall for media gimmicks and false assurances of unauthorized and hence unqualified “Immigration Consultancies” in India.

Do not qualify for Express entry? we can consider other pathways, for ex-Business Investor Class, Self – employed class etc. The Immigration consultants in Bangalore for Canada can only provide you the services if they can afford to have an Canadian lawyer or a ICCRC regulated profession on board. So, if you are looking for Immigration consultants in Bangalore for Canada who is authorized by ICCRC then look no further. We are here to help.