The IELTS or the International English Language Testing System is a widely accepted test of the English language and accepted in many foreign universities and institutions all over the world, especially across Canada, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, and the USA.


The scores of an IELTS examination are assigned, in terms of bands, and the range of the score is from 0 to 9 in which the O score is given to the least performing, and 9 bands is given to the expert in the language.

The passing score of the candidate or the minimum score requirement will depend on the University to which the candidate has applied or the immigration program through which he is applying for selection.

However, a score of 6 is a competent score and is the least required score at most of the places. The test is usually conducted in the above-mentioned 4 categories and a candidate has to qualify in all.

IELTS Test Components

The test has 4 components even as the total time taken to complete the test is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

The IELTS Reading test contains 40 questions. Each correctly answered question fetches 1 mark. Therefore, the maximum score you can achieve is 40. A band score ranging from Band 1 to Band 9 is then awarded on the basis of this score.

Time Required : 60 minutes

Examiners award a band score for each of the 4 criterion areas: Fluency and Coherence, Lexical Resource, Grammatical Range, Accuracy and Pronunciation. These 4 get equal weightage. There are three parts of the test and are in the form of an interview. The interview will most probably seem like a friendly conversation that typically covers some aspects of your past, present, and future situations.

Time Required: 11 to 14 minutes

When marking the writing section of the test, examiners use detailed assessment criteria which describe written and spoken performance at each of the 9 IELTS bands. Examiners give a band score for each of the 4 areas:

Task Assessment(for Task 1), Task Response(for Task 2), Coherence and Cohesion, Lexical Resource and Grammatical Range and Accuracy. These 4 are given equal-weighted. The writing component consists of 2 parts, one is Academic and the other one is General. Most students opt for the Academic pattren which is a bit tough, but in the General IELTS, the candidate has to undergo a Letter writing session. Task 2 carries more weightage in your final band score than Task 1.1.

Remember: illegible handwriting will reduce your final score.

Time Required: 60 minutes

The test has 40 questions. The listening materials are recorded on a cassette tape/CD/DVD and you will get a chance to hear it just once. When the recorded material ends you will have just 10 minutes to copy your answers into the answer sheet.

Time Required: 30 minutes

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IELTS Program Details at SPTC Visas

Important Tips & Tricks for cracking the IELTS Examination: It’s a myth that one must have a very good background in the language to do well in the test. It’s not true! Even if you don’t have a good background, you can do well with regular practice and the right approach. We share with our students the various tricks and tips to do well in the exam and score high bands.

Speaking Skills: It’s vital to perform well on this aspect and our instructor ensures our students become reasonably good in this.

Listening Skills: It’s also critical to comprehend and decode what you hear and so we equip our students do well in this by giving them the necessary coaching and training in this.

Reading Skills: Yet another vital cog in the IELTS test exam scheme of things, we cover it in the best possible way for you, so that you are well covered, and do well on this component of the exam and get high bands as well.

Writing Skills: It’s the toughest section for most students. And, so we cover the aspect in detail for you, so that you do well in this component also and score high bands to get high overall IELTS scores.

Doubt Clearing Sessions: We ensure that none of your doubts related to the IELTS test exam remain unanswered and unattended by answering all your queries and removing all of your doubts related to the crucial language test.

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Though we train you by one of the most competent professionals and IELTS instructors around and provide a highly specialized program material to cover all the 4 components of the IELTS test exam, in the best possible manner, we don’t guarantee that you will perform with a 100% success rate and achieve the highest average IELTS bands.

Under no circumstances shall SPTC be held accountable for the not-too-good or below-the-par performance of the students. Several factors could be at play even while a great deal may depend on your learning skills and grasping powers, besides language backgrounds.

However, this is not to suggest that you will not do well as there are high chances that under the guidance of our expert language trainer and meticulously crafted IELTS program you will show a notable improvement and do reasonably well in the important IELTS test exam.