Canada Immigration - How to make it possible?

Canada Immigration Level Plan 2022-2024 targets to welcome more than one million new immigrants. With more than 80 immigration programs, Canada Immigration is the best immigration system in the world. It is a point-based immigration application, which helps in making the whole process transparent and easier. Nationwide Visas – The Best Immigration Consultant will help you to choose the right immigration program which is best suited for you and make the whole immigration as easy as possible.

With the Canadian immigration process, Canada is targeting skilled immigrants that will help in the economic growth of the country and support the local labor market. To become a Canadian citizen, the very first step is to get a permanent resident visa. It’s the same as the green card of the United States of America, it will allow you to live and settle in the country permanently.

Provinces of Canada have been given some selection discretion by the federal government of Canada, which allows them to nominate skilled immigrants to live as a permanent resident through an immigration program known as the Provincial Nominee Program.

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Why move to Canada?

  • Enjoy all benefits equal to Citizens, Better standard of living.
  • Become a Canadian citizen in just 3 years.
  • Can get a job offer prior to landing in Canada.
  • Spouses and kids would also get  PR right away.
  • Free education for kids up to 18 years of age.
  • Free medical coverage for the entire family.


Is it easy to immigrate to Canada?

With more than 80 immigration pathways, Canada offers a range of options for all types of applicants. That said, moving to a new country takes effort. Some immigration programs require higher qualifications and more documents than others. Using the services of an experienced Canadian immigration consultant can greatly assist in the immigration process from start to finish.

What are the different Canada Immigration Programs?

In this article, we will present you with the broad categories of Canadian immigration to simplify things for you.

Economic and Business Immigration

Canada’s Economic and business immigration options are for skilled immigrants who have the right skill-sets and work experience that support the Canadian economy. Each program differs considerably in the qualifications required, so no one-size-fits-all description is possible.

Following are the different Canada Immigration programs:

Family Sponsorship

Family sponsorship is a category of immigration available to family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Following are the various family sponsorship immigration programs:

  • Spouse or common-law partner / conjugal partner
  • Dependent child (adopted or biological)
  • Parents and grandparents

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Humanitarian and Refugee Immigration

Canada has an international reputation as a leader in welcoming new refugees and other immigrants for humanitarian and compassionate reasons. A significant portion of Canada’s annual immigration goal is devoted to admitting refugees.

What are the requirements for Canada Immigration?

The express entry program is the fastest immigration pathway to apply for a Canada PR Visa. Under the flagship immigration program – Express entry program, Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP) has 347 eligible occupations. All the profiles in the express entry pool are ranked based on a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The highest-ranked profiles in the pool are then issued Invitation to Apply (ITAs) to submit their application for Canada PR Visa to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship (IRCC).

To apply for Canada PR Visa through FSWP, you must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Work Experience: Must possess a minimum of one year of continuous work experience in the past 10 years in a skilled occupation that is categorized under NOC skill levels 0 (Managerial Occupations), A (Professional Occupations), or B (Technical Occupations and Skilled Trades).
  • Minimum Points: Must score at least 67 points out of 100 in the FSWP point assessment grid.
  • Language Proficiency: Must take a recognized third-party language test and score a minimum of 6 points per band in IELTS (for English).
  • Proof of Funds: Must possess a sufficient amount of funds to financially support themselves or any accompanying family member for the move to Canada.
  • Must be admissible to Canada.

How much time does it take to move to Canada?

Processing time for the Canada PR Visa application depends on the immigration program you have applied under. Express entry program is the fastest immigration pathway to Canada PR Visa. An ideal application takes around 6 to 8 months to process. In the program, all the profiles are ranked based on the CRS and the higher-ranked profiles are issued ITAs through regularly held express entry draws.

If you have applied through Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), the processing time is around is longer in comparison to the Express entry program. It takes around 12 months.

Another immigration program is Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). Another immigration program’s average application processing time is 12-16 months.

What are the occupations that are in high demand in Canada?

Following table illustrates some of the jobs trends in Canada:

Occupation Average Annual Salary (In-CAD)
Sales Representative $52,000 – $64,000
Accountant $63,000 – $75,000
Engineering Project Manager $74,000 – $92,000
Business Analyst $73,000 – $87,000
IT Project Manager $92,000 – $114,000
Account Manager $75,000 – $92,000
Software Engineer $83,000 – $99,000
Human Resources $59,000 – $71,000
Customer Service Representative $37,000 – $43,000
Administrative Assistant $37,000 – $46,000

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